voor scouting, jeugd, training en vorming

Scoutcentrum "De Eendenkooi" is situated in the Zuiderpark. This park offers a diversity of possibilities for games. Beside that, there are several other activities possible in the Zuiderpark like:

1. Manege "De Eendenkooi", on the same ground as the scout centre
2. a midget-golf course
3. a children's farm
4. an indoor swimming pool
5. miniature trains (in the summer weekends, with good weather)
6. open air theater

The shopping centre Leyweg, the second largest shopping centre of The Hague, it's only 5 minutes walk. The city centre of The Hague is easy to get to from "De Eendenkooi" by public transport, just like the beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

We hope you don't need to go there, but the Haga hospital – location Leyweg - is 5 minutes away by car.

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